As a leading research university, Students have the opportunity to engage in research activities at NUS’ Schools and Faculties, as well as its 30 university-level research institutes and centers. Research will be conducted under the guidance of a NUS Faculty Member. 

We are keeping a close eye on the latest border control measures in Singapore in response to COVID-19 and any possible impact on students’ ability to secure a Student’s Pass (Visa). In the event that border control measures prevent students from entering Singapore, we will inform all applicants as soon as possible.

Which category should I apply for?


Please check with your home university if there is a provision for the exchange of research students between them and NUS. Exchange students attend NUS on a fee waiver basis and are only liable to pay miscellaneous student fees.

Fee-paying (Non-Exchange)

If your home university does not have a research exchange agreement with NUS, you may apply as a fee paying Non-Exchange student.

Non-Exchange students are liable to pay both the semester-based research fee and miscellaneous student fee to the University.

General Criteria

  1. You must be a current student registered at another University and have completed at least two semesters (one full year) at the college/university level.
  2. You must continue to assume this status throughout your intended duration of study at NUS under the non-graduating programme.

Obtain a Faculty Supervisor at NUS

Students pursuing research need to obtain formal approval from a research supervisor at NUS before applying for admission to NUS. You may search to learn more about our research expertise by using names and disciplines to identify matching interests here.

All applicants are required to upload the documents as part of their online application to the Non-Graduating Programme. Refer to the following checklist for the documents required.

*Important: In addition to uploading documents online, fee-paying applicants will have to send us their documents via post by the stipulated deadline or risk having their application as being deemed incomplete.

If you are an Exchange student, your research fees are generally waived. However, you are still required to pay for the Miscellaneous Student Fees.

If you are a Non-Exchange student, you are required to pay research fees as well as the Miscellaneous Student Fees.

  • Miscellaneous Student Fees

    All non-graduating students enrolled at NUS are liable to pay Miscellaneous Student Fees (MSFs) to the University as part of their stay.

    The MSF consists of two components: the Student Service Fee and the Health Service Fee.

    Why pay?

    Miscellaneous student fees help meet part of the costs incurred by the University in providing services to the student community.

    These services include healthcare for students; facilitating student cultural, social and recreational programmes; and maintaining the internal shuttle bus service, IT network and other campus-wide services.

  • Research Fees (for Non-exchange students)

    Non-exchange students are liable to pay research fees in addition to Miscellaneous Student Fees. Fees payable are assessed based on the number of academic semesters that the applicant plans to spend at NUS.

    Applicants are reminded to consult the NUS academic calendar to determine the research fees incurred for the entirety of their candidature prior to application.

    Should an applicant’s candidature end at any point during either Semester 1 or 2, he or she is still liable to pay fees for that semester should their stay exceed the second instructional week of that semester.

  • Other Costs (campus housing)

    All non-graduating students are eligible to apply for on-campus housing. Please refer to the Office of Student Affairs for more information on eligibility and application.

    Please refer to the following for a list of updated fees

Application to the NG Programme

Research applications are accepted throughout the year so as long as they are received 3 months prior to the commencement of the proposed research period at NUS. We regret to inform you that we are unable to entertain late applications.

All interested students are required to apply online via the NUS Online Application Portal. Please refer to the user guide before submitting an application.