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Peer Student Supporters

Feeling down? Getting stressed? PSS is here. You don't need to be an expert to be a friend. Sometimes a good chat is all we need.


In view of COVID-19 safe distancing and tele-commuting measures, PitStop@YIH will not be active. If you are seeking a listening ear, have concerns or are feeling stressed, please email and one of our OSA Student Wellness Managers will be happy to arrange a phone or video call to chat with you. To speak with our Peer Student Supporters and join them for fun and games, you can visit the Virtual PitStop sessions held every Tuesday and Thursdays, 1-5pm.

Peer Student Supporters (PSS)

Are you feeling stressed? Whether it’s adapting to student life, exams, or emotional disconnect, life can be stressful at NUS, but you are not alone.

Student Wellness (SW) offers peer support to NUS students and we are here for you. You don’t have to be an expert to help a friend! Our caring Peer Student Supporters (PSS) are available at the PitStop@YIH five days a week to support you in your everyday challenges that student may face. We are here to lend a listening ear.

What are the benefits of speaking with a peer?

Students may benefit from the support and empathy of a peer, and may choose to speak with a PSS for many reasons. Some students may find it easy to connect with a peer who is at a similar life stage and who may be experiencing similar life challenges. They may find the drop-in setup less intimidating than more formal services or they may be unsure if the issues they are facing warrant connecting with a professional. Speaking to a PSS is like speaking with a friend.

Who is PSS?

Meet Yamin and watch her story. 


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Calling for PSS!

Interested to be a PSS? PSS recruitment is on-going. Please apply HERE and we will contact you if you have been shortlisted.

We are here for you


Shravya Murali

"Everyone has the right to be part of an inclusive environment and receive support when in distress. I am thankful to be a Peer Student Supporter at the PitStop@YIH who is able to liberate and empower individuals by lending a listening ear."

- Shravya Murali

Peer Student Supporter, AY2018/19