Performance Coaching for Online Communication - Be resilient and grow!  


CELC's Micro Modules that establish your credentials on camera.

COVID-19  has introduced a few variables into an already volatile and complex economy. With many final job interviews conducted online and initial shortlisting done by telephone or even AI bots that analyse facial expression, job seekers will need not only to revise their communication skills for conventional interview, presentation and group discussion, but also up their game in applying communication skills to the new online platform.

CELC offers 11 specially crafted micro-modules on the principles and practice of presenting your attributes, personality and worth in online interviews and assessment centres, focussing on what you say and how you say it, in words, body language and virtual empathy.  

Being on camera, magnifies some details such as personal quirks as the lens is so much nearer.  It also distorts other details such as voice if speakers do not enunciate clearly and do not face the camera when speaking. Theory can help one improve one’s performance, but having a performance coach speeds up the learning. Every micro-module will feature one-to one coaching with customized tutor feedback. Feedback is based on carefully considered rubrics from communication principles and industry practice.

In addition, every student will be given a half hour follow on coaching for every completed micro module. This service runs for a limited time only. Sign up for the micro module that most suits your needs.

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